PermTech: A new supplier for permeability testing

Benelux Scientific is pleased to announce a new partnership with PermTech for the distribution of permeability testers in Belgium. With this collaboration, Benelux Scientific strengthens its current offering for the packaging industry. 

About PermTech

PermTech manufactures equipment for measuring gas permeability (O2, CO2, H2O) of films and packaging. The gas permeability of plastic films (mono- and multilayer, metallized or coated), also known as the barrier property, is of great importance in the packaging of food and pharmaceutical products. 

In fact, the ability to protect the contents of the package from contact with air is fundamental to ensuring a good and healthy shelf life of the products. Containers such as bag-in-box or PET bottles can also be tested with this equipment. 

Some of the PermTech equipment:

  • PermTech Perme Water Vapour Transmission Analyser
  • PermTech Perme Oxygen Permeability Tester
  • PermTech Perme Carbon Dioxide Permeability Tester
  • PermTech MultiPerm O2/H2O, O2/CO2 or H20/CO2
  • PermTech TotalPerm O2, CO2 and H20 all in one
  • PermTech Carbo Pack CO2 Carbon Dioxide Permeability Analyser

Not only does this new collaboration create a synergy with the current offerings for the packaging industry, there was also a clear signal from the market that there was a need for a broader and more competitive offering. Benelux Scientific is convinced that together with PermTech we will meet this demand. 

Benelux Scientific and PermTech are very proud of this strategic partnership and look forward to a bright future.

If you would like to learn more about PermTech’s offerings, click here to download the catalog.

Are you interested to know more about PermTech permeability testers?

Please contact our expert – Bart Weymeels at for more product information or a demonstration. He will be happy to look with you for the best product for your application and needs.

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