At our supplier NETZSCH, you will find solutions for thermal analysis, thermophysical testing, curing control, dynamic-mechanical testing, rheology, calorimetry, and fire testing. These devices and test methods allow the study of properties such as specific heat capacity, enthalpy, weight change, dimensional changes, thermal conductivity and viscosity. 

The obtained results and parameters are used to determine purity and composition, polymorphism, thermal stability and temperature limits, ageing and thermomechanical behaviour, viscoelastic properties, and processing conditions of materials.

DMA and Rheology

Calorimetry (ARC)

Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity (SBA)

Fire testing equipment

  • Fire testing equipment according to following standards KBT 916, SBI 915, TBB 913, TNB 912, KBK 917, TRDA, UL 94, LOI 901, HBK 919, TCC 918, TDP T4

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Testing of refractory materials

  • Refractoriness under load (RUL) 
  • Creep in compression (CIC), Modulus of Rupture (HMOR)

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Standard & advanced software

  • Proteus® Standard Software
  • Kinetics Neo
  • Peak Separation
  • Temperature-Modulation

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