Sample preparation is the first step of every laboratory analysis and test. Benelux Scientific has a wide range of equipment to support you in each phase of your preparation, prior to analytical techniques such as ICP, AAS, Soxhlet, etc.:

Milling equipment

Digestion systems

  • Acid digestion prior to ICP or AAS analysis:
    • Microwave digestion systems
    • Rendering blocks
    • High pressure rendering blocks
  • Fully automated acid hydrolysis according to Weibull-Stoldt

Standards and consumables

  • Standards, reagents, reference materials (CRM) and consumables for ICP, AAS, IC and XRF

Visit the SCP Science website for more information

Metallography and petrography

  • Metallographic and petrographic techniques for cutting, embedding and polishing

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  • Analytical laboratory scales

Cutting machines

  • Advanced composite cutting machines


Visit the Compcut website for more information


  • Platen presses for sample preparation of polymers, rubbers and composite materials
  • Pellet pressing as sample preparation for XRF

Visit the Fontijne Presses website for more information
Visit the Specac website for more information

Sampling equipment

  • Stationary and portable water sampling devices

Visit the WaterSam website for more information

Reactor technology

  • High-pressure reactors for synthesis or material testing, but also for customer-specific application

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