Discover the new LabTop series of benchtop laboratory presses

The new LabTop series from Fontijne Presses is the most compact table top hydraulic press for demanding applications and automated use. Thanks to its small footprint and 230V connection, the LabTop press can be installed in any lab. And its ergonomic design and simple touch screen interface are highly appreciated by lab technicians.

Luc Pattyn, Sales and Marketing Director at Fontijne Presses explains more about how this new series was initiated:

“Immediately after we introduced our small, manually operated benchtop lab presses LabManual 300 and LabManual 50, we received enquiries for a similar small benchtop instrument, but automated. So, we started to think about how we could combine the advantages of the LabManual series and the automated LabEcon/LabPro series in a totally new product”.

The LabTop is the perfect addition to the existing range of Fontijne Presses laboratory plate presses and is recommended for all demanding quality control and R&D applications where accuracy and consistency are a prerequisite.

Depending on the model – 150 or 300 – the press range of the presses goes up to 150 or 300 kN at 300°C. Regardless of the model or settings used, the results will always be accurate and consistent. In addition, the LabTop series is equipped with many additional safety features, such as a fixed top platen, an emergency stop system and a safety screen.

The LabTop series comes standard with the ProView control system. The ProView system uses a 15″ touch screen and provides full control of the press cycle and comes with a wide range of functions and set-up options, such as temperature and pressure control, linear heating and cooling curves, pressureless preheating, graphical display of the process, data logging and USB export options as well as various access levels.

LabTop front

Unique features of the new LabTop series:

  • Fully automated 
  • Compact design and small footprint
  • 230V connection for easy installation in any lab or research institute
  • 15’’ user-friendly touch screen for full control over the press cycle and progress of ongoing processes
  • Heating speed max. 10°C/min
  • Highly visibility of the platens thanks to a full look through design


If you are interested in the new series, just contact us for more information and a product demonstration.

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