Full service report thanks to Jens and Johan

The service team of Benelux Scientific has 2 new members: Jens and Johan. Because of this the team has grown from 4 to 6 persons. Today we introduce you to our 2 recent “acquisitions” and we would like to highlight the range of tasks for which this team is responsible.

Curious about our service team?

New parts’ within the service team

Just like the speed, handling, safety and maneuverability of a Formula 1 racing car are continuously developed and upgraded, our teams are also constantly being “tuned” to make them even more qualitative, stronger and more flexible. Our racing car is of course the service team, and the ‘new parts’ are two talented gentlemen who know how to get things done!


“I have been working for Benelux Scientific for 3 months now. I have years of experience in the chemical sector and today I am largely responsible for the maintenance of the tensile testing machines.

My job within the service team is very varied and challenging. I still learn new things every day: not only about the devices but also about the customers and their requirements.”

“You never know what the day will bring. Every day is different! I love socializing with customers and colleagues. I used to work in a lab where I did mostly routine work. Now I bring the solution into the lab!”

Of course, there is still a life outside of Benelux Scientific. Jens often listens to podcasts about sports when he is on the road. When he’s not working with his team, you’ll find him in his newly purchased house that he’s sprucing up.

“I’m very social. I often meet up with colleagues and friends after work. I am sporty and positive in life. Helping others is central to me.”

So, talking about enrichment within Benelux Scientific!


Johan has been working in the parent holding company “Aptco Group” since April 2021 but since February he specifically joins the Benelux Scientific service team.

He mainly provides service on the Phenom electron microscopes and the oil analyzers.

“It is challenging to figure out and solve the problems. That triggers me a lot! I’ve just received training and I’m excited to put this into practice already.”“In my previous job, I was completely jaded. I was looking for more appreciation for what I do and I found that within Benelux Scientific.”

Johan, like Jens, loves the variety in his work. No two days are the same. He enjoys gaining and sharing knowledge.


“I chose the job because of the flexibility. This is useful in the co-parenting arrangement I have for the children. This way I make optimal use of my time with them. Besides work and the children, I also try to be more sporty, but that’s not always easy,” laughs Johan.


“Did you know that I often do repairs at home? Moreover, I help neighbors and friends whenever I can.”

We’ve clearly brought in a busy bee at Benelux Scientific.

Service engineer: what’s in a name?

Jens and Johan are the two new service engineers at Benelux Scientific. But what exactly does this varied, challenging job entail?

Jens: “We are often on the road: literally on the way to solve customer problems. So we like to be seen,” he laughs. “We repair, install, assist and advise where necessary. Of course we also do the maintenance of all the equipment. We take care of the necessary materials and reorders so that everyone is helped quickly and competently. After every intervention we make a service report.”

Johan: “Definitely don’t forget the customer contact! We are available to customers whenever and wherever they need us: in person, by phone or via e-mail. Technical service and sustainable customer contact: that really is a dream combination!”

Jens: “Indeed! Moreover, we are a close and real team. We can count on each other every moment of the day. There is a real team spirit and we constantly exchange experiences. In this way, we learn from each other and we are always a better version of ourselves than the day before.”

Planning, teamwork and personal growth

Johan adds: “You learn to work and think independently in this job. You make your own planning for the next three weeks. Yet this can suddenly change in case of an urgent intervention. This makes our work varied and challenging.”

“Repairs can be very acute because otherwise they can’t continue working in the field,” Jens adds. “Every hour that an aircraft is down costs a company a lot of money. So there is no time to lose. A flexible attitude is a must here.”

Sometimes two service engineers set off together, on a heavy job for example. All team members are optimally attuned to each other. As a result, they work quickly and efficiently and always leave with satisfied customers.

“Right! And that’s what we do it for,” is the final chorus.

About Benelux Scientific

Johan enthuses. “The road to the job was very accessible. There is a friendly atmosphere within the company and you noticed that already during the application. There is open and constructive communication with each other. I attach a great deal of importance to this.  The first working day starts with a tour and you immediately feel at home in the team.”

Jens adds. “Because Benelux Scientific is part of the Aptco Group, you sometimes have to search for who is who. The team-buildings, dinners and other meetings that are organized regularly help to get to know each other better.”

Do you also want to be part of the Benelux Scientific family?

Closing remarks / signature

“You can’t milk a cow with your hands in your pants”.

“We think that’s a very valuable saying! Things don’t solve themselves. You have to roll up your sleeves to get results and solutions. We have understood that very well here! There is even a banner with this slogan in our service area,” say Johan and Jens.

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