Technology update C. Gerhardt 16 May 2019

Technology update for the food, feed and environmental laboratories

Protein, fat & fibre analysis

Thursday 16 May 2019


Benelux Scientific and C. Gerhardt are proud to invite you to attend the Technology Update at our offices in Nazareth on Thursday 16 May 2019. We’ll go into detail on the protein, fat and fibre analysis in your lab and introduce you to the newest methods and instruments.

Participation is free of charge but we kindly request to register before 10 May 2019. Instruments will be showcased during the day and all lectures will be given in English.

If you wish to come by train, we can organise transportation from the Gent-Sint-Pieters train station to our offices. Please contact us by mail for further details:

Morning Session: Nitrogen determination

  • 09h30 – 10h00: Welcome coffee
  • 10h00 – 10h15: Introduction and presentation of participants (Sofie Claerhout, Benelux Scientific)
  • 10h15 – 11h15: Nitrogen and protein determination according to Kjeldahl and Dumas – Characteristics of methods and their significance for accredited labs (Sofie Claerhout, Benelux Scientific)
  • 11h15 – 11h45: Coffee break+ Instrument exhibition
  • 11h45 – 12h30: Introduction of new instruments for Kjeldahl analysis (Armin Kukuck, C. Gerhardt)
  • 12h30 – 13h30: Sandwich Lunch + Instrument exhibition


Afternoon Session: Fat & Fibre determination

  • 13h30 – 14h15: Fat in food and feed: Is there one reference method that covers all sample types? – Presentation of worldwide first and only solution of automated fat analysis according to Weibull method (Armin Kukuck, C. Gerhardt)
  • 14h15 – 14h30: User testimonial: Fat analysis in the food lab (Jurgen Denys, Brucefo)
  • 14h30 – 14h45: Coffee break + Instrument exhibition
    14h45 – 15h30: Crude fibre, ADF and NDF in feed: Efficient automated and valid analysis without crucibles – Principles of FIBREBAG method in comparison with crucible method (Sofie Claerhout, Benelux Scientific)
  • 15h30 – …: Closing drink + Instrument exhibition



Nieuwe steenweg 20A
9810 Nazareth

Our main parking lot is located in back of the building.

april 10, 2019