In the fascinating world of materials characterization, Benelux Scientific distributes measuring and testing equipment for the determination of mechanical and physical properties of materials. We focus on sales and application support in the following application areas: 

Thermal properties

Visit the Netzsch website for more information

Mechanical properties

  • Universal Testing Machines (tensile, compressive, flexural, peel strength,…) (Visit the Tinius Olsen website for more information)
  • Heated laboratory platen presses for polymer processing, rubber and composites (Visit the Fontijne Presses website for more information)
  • Punch presses for films and sheets (Visit the Mechanical testing website for more information)
  • Analog & Digital Force Gauges (Visit the Imada website for more information)
  • Impact Testers for Plastics and Metals (Visit the Tinius Olsen website for more information)
  • Dynamic and Static Friction (Visit the RDM Test Equipment website for more information)
  • Hardness Testers for Metal, Rubber and Plastics (Visit the Bareiss website for more information)
  • Thickness Gauging Apparatus (Visit the Wolf Messtechnik website for more information)
  • Packaging and paper testing (Visit the Techlabsystems website for more information)
  • Laboratory Heat Sealers for films (Visit the RDM Test Equipment website for more information)

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Particle characterization

Determine the size, shape and stability of powders, particles, emulsions and suspensions by following techniques:

  • Laser Diffraction (Visit the Fritsch website for more information)
  • Particle Size and Shape by Dynamic Image Analysis (Visit the Fritsch website for more information)
  • Sieve Analysis (Visit the Fritsch website for more information)
  • Disk Centrifugal Sedimentation (Visit the CPS Instruments Europe website for more information)
  • Electro-Acoustic Analysis (Visit the Colloidal Dynamics website for more information)
  • Electron Microscopy (Visit the ThermoFisher website for more information)
    – Dynamic image analysis (DIA)
    – Zeta potential and optic destabilization measurement

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Polymer processing

  • Single and Twin Screw Extruders and Torque Rheometers (Visit the Brabender website for more information)
  • Rheologic properties such as gelation and curing of rubbers and polymers (Visit the Alpha Technologies website for more information)

Surface characterization

  • Optical Contact Angle (OCA)
  • Dynamic Contact Angle & Tensiometry (DCAT)

Visit the DataPhysics website for more information

Viscosity and rheology

  • Fast and automated determination of intrinsic viscosity

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Visit the Haiku Instruments website for more information

Food rheology, processing and extrusion

  • Rheological properties of dough such as water absorption, elasticity, kneading properties and enzyme activity

  • Process optimization via Single and Twin Screw Extruders for food and feedstuffs

Visit the Brabender website for more information

Colour analysis

  • Visual and automated colour measurement on transparent liquids
  • Spectrophotometers in reflectance for solid substrates, powders and non-transparent liquids

Visit the Tintometer Lovibond website for more information

Environmental and temperature testing chambers

Reach-in and Walk-in simulation chambers for plant growth, seeds, crops, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, automotive, electronics and calibration applications.

Visit the Aralab website for more information


Measurement of gas permeability (O2, CO2, H2O) of films and packaging

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