Bruker Q4 POLO: compact giant for steel hard analysis

The Bruker Q4 POLO is a spark optical emission spectrometer of the latest generation. Its compact size may suggest otherwise, but the Q4 POLO does not let itself be pushed around. It is a compact spectrometer with superior analytical performance that can easily compete with larger specimens. You’ll use it effortlessly for a variety of applications throughout the metals industry. 

The Bruker Q4 POLO is the latest addition to Bruker’s line of spark optical emission spectrometers. It combines multiple innovations to achieve performance levels never before achieved by compact spark OES devices. Want to know more?


Numerous novelties and optimizations have been incorporated into the Bruker Q4 POLO to create a spark optical emission spectrometer that is second to none. In addition to its unprecedented analytical performance for an extensive range of elements, the Q4 POLO enables applications previously unthinkable with such small devices.

The Bruker Q4 POLO, because of its ingenuity and mini size, naturally has multiple fields of application:

Iron & steel

The processing of iron and steel requires accurate and precise analysis results of a wide variety of elements, including non-metals in very low concentrations.


Monitoring of phosphorus and alkali content in aluminum.


Copper is the building block of many types of alloys. The Q4 POLO handles them all, including oxygen determination.


Strengths of the Q4 POLO 

It may be compact, but the Q4 POLO is designed for great performance. That’s why it’s equipped with the latest technology and software.

  • MultiVision™ optics that cover the full elemental range with unseen performance and a negligible environmental footprint
  • AAC™ and ArgonShield™ provide high-precision long-term stability without increasing argon consumption
  • The new SmartSpark™ source with active detection is fully digital and equipped with non-energy discharge detection for greater precision and long-term stability
  • Minimal argon consumption through the argon saving mode, resulting in lower operational costs
  • easy analysis of wires and small objects and the possibility to analyze larger samples
  • correct sample positioning and safe operation for a large variety of samples
  • small size
  • superior optical resolution
  • low noise level (< 55 dB during analysis)
  • incredible analytical stability
  • limited maintenance and recalibration
  • Optional materials database with more than 350,000 alloys


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With the Q4 POLO you can perform extremely reliable and highly accurate analyses. Add to this its convenient size and decide that the Q4 POLO is an absolute value for any foundry or production floor.

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