Brabender – worldwide manufacturer of testing equipment for the food and chemical industries

Brabender supplies instruments for material quality testing in all types of research, development and industrial production in the food and plastics industries worldwide.

The company develops, produces and distributes instruments and laboratory equipment for testing material properties. We find their applications in numerous industrial segments within the food and plastics industries where the quality control and R&D departments work with this equipment.

The Brabender application lab food: a look behind the scenes

Producers in the food sector take samples of their product at very regular intervals in order to test or optimize certain processes. This enables them to deliver high quality. The use of the right testing and control equipment is of great importance here.

Food products undergo certain processes and operations before consumption. Extrusion or shaping of food products is one of those processes.

Because Benelux Scientific only stands behind the highest quality lab equipment, we would like to tell you more about the Brabender application lab: where the magic happens.


What happens in the Brabender application lab?

We would like to take you through the daily operation of the application lab.

This video will give you a virtual tour.


Extrusion Measurements

Extrusion products are promising trendsetters for innovation in the food and feed industry.

Snacks, breakfast cereals, bread, confectionery and animal feed are some examples of products that are tested with the Brabender equipment. Brabender offers solutions for the experimental testing of possible production lines with extrudates in a wide range of shapes, colors and flavors.

Brabender’s Screw Extruder tests on a laboratory scale the extrusion properties of materials such as snacks, pasta, breakfast cereals, pet food and rice. These tests allow the producer to further refine and optimize their recipes.

Through a dispensing orifice, the sample is introduced and then extruded. During the analysis, sensors measure relevant values such as temperature and pressure. The clear values you thus see form a correlation between the process and the sample obtained. In this way you set specific product characteristics and optimize your product.

The application lab has following core activities:

  • Analyzing questions for a specific application
  • Providing advice about the products from the Brabender portfolio
  • Determining the right equipment for a specific material or process
  • Developing customised solutions for the client
  • Organizing customer trainings and workshops, application projects and feasibility studies
  • Developing individual test methods
  • Supporting new and further developments of the Brabender equipment, methods and software
  • Involvement in technical and standardization committees, industry and research networks

So much more happens in the lab than just product development.

The Brabender range

Brabender has a lot of measuring and testing equipment in its range. The most important of these are:

  • Rheometers and viscometers for the determination of rheological properties of dough such as water absorption, elasticity, malleability and enzyme activity
  • Single and double screw extruders for process optimization of food and feeds.


Want to know more?

With the Brabender range, Benelux Scientific offers a solution for your lab equipment tailored to your needs.

November 15, 2021