Accurate determination and speciation of mercury with the PS Analytical instruments

Mercury is extremely toxic and damaging to human health and can be found throughout the environment at trace and ultra trace levels. 

The PS Analytical instruments are worldwide used by experts in the determination and speciation of mercury, arsenic selenium and the hydride forming elements.


PS Analytical product range for mercury

The two corner stones of PS Analytical’s product range for mercury determination are the Millennium Merlin and the Sir Galahad. The Sir Galahad is typically used for gaseous applications such as stack gas, natural gas and air, whilst the Millennium Merlin is used for liquid and solid samples.

Speciation method for methylmercury in Hair

Mercury concentration in human hair is used as an indicator of long-term environmental exposure to mercury. Over 90% of mercury in hair occur in the metylmercury form, and its determination is an important bio-monitor for mercury exposure.

In this application note we propose a simple extraction based on APDC in MeOH followed by LCUV-CVAFS for hair samples. The method was demonstrated using a certified reference material.

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January 17, 2022